List of trusted bulk SMS service providers in USA

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Are you in the USA searching for a list of trusted bulk SMS service providers? This post has got you covered.

This compilation was made specifically for you.

So you’ve finally landed on the right page that will share with you a handful of bulk SMS service providers in the USA.

I will suggest you some bulk SMS service providers that you can use in the USA.

Even though some of them operate internationally, but they will still work if you want to send SMS to USA phone numbers/audience too.

So let’s let cat out of the bag now.

Here are 5 bulk SMS service providers in USA that you can use

MSG91 — The first on my list is MSG91. This is one of the best bulk SMS service providers in the USA, though it is dominated in India.

Apart from running promotional and transactional SMS, they also provide one-time password services (OTP)

Though OTP is not what you wanted, I just had to mention that so you know other services they offer apart from being one of the trusted bulk SMS service providers in the USA.

Who knows? You may need some trusted OTP providers later on in the future.

MSG91 provides their services globally so they support international SMS, but your account needs to be enabled for this service (international SMS) remember I told you earlier that they are dominated in India.

They will want you to test the services first because they can guarantee for OTP/VERIFICATION messages in countries outside INDIA as each country has different rules and regulation due to which there is inconsistency in the delivery of the messages for any other content.

Once you can test the same for different countries and you are satisfied, you can use their services globally and can go for a purchase.

How about bulk SMS service providers dominated in the USA? The list is not yet exhausted so there are more providers to be shared.

That takes us to the second bulk SMS service provider in the USA that made it to our list.

Kapsystem — This is another bulk SMS service provider you should look out for if you want to know the list of trusted bulk SMS service providers in the USA.

They are also global bulk SMS providers.

TextMagic — TextMagic has been in the business of providing SMS services for over 14 years now. Not just about the US audience.

With their platform, you can connect with customers in over 200 countries.

Mozeo — This is one of the easiest to use SMS service provider in the US. It helps create a two-way chat and can be used for running SMS to win campaigns.

EzTexting — Apart from being easy to use, it is also very reliable and affordable for your SMS campaign. This bulk SMS provider offers other amazing features apart from sending SMS.

It offers keyword autoresponders, group messaging and mobile coupons.

EzTexting is dominated in Canada and in the USA.

These are 5 bulk SMS service providers I consider the best for sending SMS to the US audience.

The list is not static, anyway.

Once I discover other bulk SMS service providers that is suitable for the US audience, they will be updated in this page.

Or do you know any bulk SMS service provider in the USA? Please be kind enough to share it in the comment section.


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